About Us

Rex Pak Limited

Rex Pak Limited is Canada's leading dry food blending and packaging co-manufacturer. With over Forty years of expertise in the food industry, packaging has become more than a business venture, it is an art form.

Throughout the years, many changes have occurred in the food industry. Specialty foods such as - gourmet items, unique candy, flavoured rice's and pastas have required innovative thinking and visionary minds. Rex Pak supplies both the ability to envision future trends in packaging and the genius to make it work.

How do we make it work? We pride ourselves on being an owner-managed business. Our primary focus has always been the four corner stones: Quality, Flexibility, Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency. The foundation of the four corner stones is a great family of employees.

The Facility

Our state of the art facility is 100,000 square feet and has been granted the highest possible license by Agriculture Canada. We have an authorized government inspector on site and a qualified educator to train employees on the HACCP program that is always changing. Within our facility we have 30 production lines that are fully automated and a computerized quality control and warehouse division.

Rex Pak believes in working with the customer to achieve the highest level of satisfaction. With expertise and a new facility, it just made it easier for us to work harder for our customers. "Our growth as a company is a result of flexibility to our customers"

Customer Service Reps

RexPak's highly motivated and trained Customer Service Rep's offer a personalized and professional component to helping meet our customer's needs. This proactive approach allows them to become a valuable asset within your company's overall supply chain. Our CSR's are well versed in using both RexPak's MRP systems as well as customer MRP's such as SAP.

In order to satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers, RexPak offers both many different creative manufacturing costing alternatives.

  • Straight Tolling
  • Blending
  • Partial & Complete Turnkey Options

Our CSR's have a proven track record of results and can help your business meet your inventory and CFR targets by :

  • Planning & Scheduling weekly meetings
  • Publishing weekly reporting
  • Work with shipping for International loads
  • Provide area's for future cost savings / optimizations